Handsome Dubious Eggs

(possibilites from the other side of nothing)

9 July 1981
Hinsdale, Illinois, United States
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Hinsdale Central High School - Hinsdale IL (1996 - 2000)
Swarthmore College - Swarthmore PA (2000 - 2004)
University of Iowa - Iowa City IA (2004 - 2006)
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aimee mann, alice in wonderland, altered books, amnesty international, barbara kingsolver, big fat victorian novels, books, collage, crafts, dar williams, dramaturgy, fanfiction, fiction, folk music, harry potter, his dark materials, history, human rights, jewelry-making, john milton, joseph cornell, languages, leonard cohen, lucy maud montgomery, medieval studies, names, nick bantock, patricia highsmith, pop culture, progressive politics, quantum physics, richard shindell, shakespeare, short stories, surrealism, tarot cards, the nields, theology, tom stoppard, writing
Redhead, literature geek, voracious reader, MFA student (fiction), INFJ, fibromyalgiac, pop culture geek, politically liberal, United Church of Christ affiliated (but in a "seeking" phase, to be generous), obsessive archivist and collector of ephemera and miasma, amateur French translator, occasional autodidact, drinker of smoothies, wannabe dramaturg, owner of way too many books, CDs, and scented bubble baths. Not always in the same order.